5 Years



Introducing the EdAid Impact IFISA.

A first of its kind; a socially responsible investment that funds the next generation of talent and provides a competitive, tax-free return.

You have a choice. A choice where you allocate your hard-earned capital to provide a better than average return. We aim to provide a return that beats anything you'll find on the high street, and so much more.


Your investment will fund the next generation of post-graduate level engineers, scientists, lawyers and nurses. Students will save on av. £10,000 in interest charges compared with traditional funding.


Your investment via the EdAid Impact IFISA is about so much more than just a financial return. It is a commitment to enabling the next generation of creators, change-makers & rule-breakers.


The term of your IFISA investment is 5-Years. All repayments are income-contingent. As each loan is repaid into the pool it is re-lent to fund a new student, until the end of the term.



Returns are calculated monthly (applied annually) and track UK CPI. Providing you with a competitive tax-free return, and students with fair, affordable finance.

The Important Stuff

What is an IFISA?

It stands for Innovative Finance ISA. EdAid as Peer-to-Peer Funding Platform is authorised by the FCA has been granted permission from HMRC to launch their own Innovative Finance ISA.

An IFISA is like any normal ISA counting towards your annual £20,000 ISA investment limit.


The return on the EdAid Impact IFISA is linked to, and tracks UK CPI. It is currently 2.6% for July 2017.

It is calculated monthly and allocated annually.


All returns on the EdAid Impact IFISA are tax-free, they are not subject to UK Income Tax and do not count towards your Personal Savings Allowance.


The term for the FY2017/18 issue is 5 years.

Early Redemption

There is no opportunity at present for early redemption.

What Happens After 5-Years?

Investors will have their capital and any outstanding returns paid back to their nominated account. Investors have the option to reinvest in further Issues and take advantage of tax-free IFISA allowance benefits in subsequent years.

Value of investment?

Based on a £1,000 invested into EdAid's Impact IFISA the estimated value of your investment will be £1,136.94 after 5 years.

Your investment will have helped save each student £5,000 in fees & charges and 5 years of indebtedness when compared with traditional funding sources.