Spread the cost of School Fees over 10 years.

EdAid makes a quality education for your child accessible and affordable.

Introducing Deferred Payment Plan

The cost of a good education for your children has risen year after year. Funding all of that cost upfront, out of your net income & savings, is incredibly tough for most families.

Now you can spread the cost of educating your child over a broader period of time without having to resort to selling assets or raiding your pension pot.

10 Years

Payments can be spread over 10 years. Parents will need to pass affordability, fraud and background checks. Security will be via a property you own or against a relative’s property.

Low Cost

Your school fee payments are linked to Inflation at RPI. The 20 year historical average is 3% and is currently 3.5%. There are no ongoing management charges.

*Collar & Cap (1% & 5% AER)

Fair Finance

The existing school fee financing options are inefficient, expensive and require complex requirements that limit access to funding.

EdAid facilitates spreading the cost of educating a child over a broader time period reducing the upfront burden. In addition, because the cost of finance is linked to inflation, with no other interest charges, monthly payments are low. Reducing the total cost of financing through this approach, drives significant savings compared with traditional finance.

Investing in the future.

Private education may well have previously been out of reach. Now by defraying the cost over a broader time period you can affordably access the best education for your child.

Risk & Reward

Schools are putting their faith (and funding) behind this program so that they can open up access to those that might not be able to afford or consider a private education previously.


Schools are highly selective in the students they determine qualify for DPP. Think of it as a bursary 2.0. Schools want to boost access, reduce the upfront financial burden and, attract high quality pupils who may not otherwise have access.

There is an expectation on the parents that they will contribute fully to school life. Acting at all times as positive participants in the program and ensuring all deferred payments are made on time.


Parents are assessed as to their suitability for the DPP based upon financial need, ability of the child and availability of places at the school.

Rising Stars

Once a family joins the EdAid community we support them throughout their education development through to university, accessing internships and getting hired post-graduation.

The Important Stuff

What is the Deferred Payment Plan?

In its simplest form a parent pays a 10% deposit upfront, with the rest of the school fees by monthly installments.

Loans are linked to inflation, but there are no further interest charges. This reduces the upfront cost for parents, makes fees more digestible and because the loans are only linked to inflation saves each parent about £5000 per year compared with a traditional loan for school fees.

Who are EdAid?

EdAid are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide flexible financing for education. We were peer-to-peer lending pioneers, the first to be authorised by the FCA in February 2016 and have helped over 5000 students since then.

EdAid is responsible for administering all contracts between parents and schools.

Tax Implications

There are no tax implications.


The length of loan is decided by you. The maximum for each school year that you receive a loan for is 10 years.

Early Redemption

You can make overpayments or early repayment without any penalty.

What does security mean?

It means that a bit like a mortgage provider or bank. We will add a record with the land registry that you have debt to the school for the amount you have opted to defer payment. If, in the event that you refused to pay your school fees, the the school would be able to recover its loan to you from the equity in your property.

How do I qualify?

You will need to contact the Bursar or registrar at the school where you child currently studies or you would like them to study in the future.

Can I fund a child for multiple school years?

Absolutely. The programme is built to keep monthly payments as low as possible to enable funding of up to 13 years of school fees.

There is no minimum or maximum number of years, subject however, to the school offering this facility.

Can I fund more than one child via EdAid?

Yes. It would still be dependent upon your chosen school selecting you for deferred payment, and subject to affordability requirements.