We make education
accessible & affordable.

Education funding was broken. So we fixed it. EdAid provides fair, affordable education finance repaid via Deferred Payment Plan.


We believe that access to education should be universal & that financing should not be a barrier to economic empowerment.

How it works

Students pay a small deposit upfront. The balance is payable post-graduation via income-contingent payments.

step 1


Funding up to £20,000 for Post-Graduate Courses Only. Payments linked to future earnings. Zero interest charges. Index-Linked.

step 2


1. Initial selection by University 2. Identity & verification checks via EdAid platform 3. Sign Deferred Payment Plan Contract

step 3

Deferred Payment Plan

Only pay when earning. 10% of monthly Income until fully paid. Fully flexible + Employer student loan contributions.

How it works

Who is the team behind EdAid?

We are a passionate, entrepreneurially-led team who focus on building high quality and secure technology led solutions to solve the monumental issue of education funding and student debt. We don’t have all of the answers, but we do have the work ethic, track record, and the expertise to make funding education more affordable.

So what exactly is it that you do?

We enable students to study at their chosen University and defer payment until after graduating. Graduates pay their tuition fees via Income-Contingent Payment that means a gradute only pays when they are earning.

How can you help us?

EdAid enables UK resident students to access a world-class education without having to pay the full tuition upfront. Students pay their deposit upfront and the balance post-graduation.

How does it work?

Once selected by your School/University to join their course you will be able to apply for funding via EdAid. You will need to pass some basic verification & affordability checks before being accepted to defer payment for your studies until after your course is finished and you have started working.

How did you come up with this idea?

The team at EdAid are just like you. They funded their way through university whilst working 2 or 3 part-time jobs and they took out student loans. Like millions of students, they have struggled to pay their tuition. They have built a fairer more affordable way to pay for education.

Can I use EdAid if I am not already enrolled onto my chosen course?

No. You will need to have been accepted as a student at your School/University first prior to being funded via EdAid for this program.

What happens if a student decides not to pay?

If a student cannot pay because they are not working or have a period of temporary hardship, then there are no penalties or fees. If a student who is eligible to pay, refuses to pay then EdAid will seek to recover the outstanding payments.

What happens if EdAid as a business ceases to exist?

All agreements continue to exist and Students continue to be bound by the terms of the loan that they agreed to until all funds have been paid. This will be administered by payment partners in the unlikely event of EdAid being unable to carry out administration until the end of the Deferred Payment Plan.

Where are you based?

Our Head Office is in London at WeWork Mansion House. You are always welcome to pop in for coffee.

For more information on EdAid and our Deferred Payment Plan you can contact us at team@edaid.com.