Secure your child’s status with the Citizenship Payment Plan

We're on a mission to make the cost of British citizenship for children affordable. The Citizenship Payment Plan is administered by EdAid, an FCA authorised platform that aims to provide an ethical & affordable, interest-free payment plan that enables a parent/guardian to secure their child's right to British citizenship.


We believe that fees should never be a barrier to securing a child’s right to citizenship. The Citizenship Payment Plan:

Is interest-free

Pays the Home Office fees immediately

Recycles 100% of payments for child citizenship fees

Young people with secured status can go on to fulfill their true potential. This not only benefits them and their families but society as a whole.

How It Works

We operate a simple 0% interest payment plan that’s paid for in 12 equal instalments over 12 months.

Payment plans are for migrant parents/guardians of child(ren) that are ready to register their citizenship with the Home Office.

Once a payment plan is approved, we will make the payment directly to the Home Office.

12 months later the payment plan will be complete!


Get referred to us by one of our trusted legal partners. In order to be eligible you will need to complete EdAid’s verification checks.


Once verified by EdAid, electronically sign your CPP Agreement and we will pay the fee directly to the Home Office as part of your child’s citizenship registration.


Monthly payments will be 12 equal instalments over 12 months with no fees, inflation or interest added.


Am I eligible for a Citizenship Payment Plan?

Borrowers must:

  1. Be over 18 years old
  2. Have leave to remain in the UK
  3. Be the parent or guardian of the child(ren) registering for citizenship
  4. The child/children must be eligible with a clear and strong legal case for their citizenship (as assessed by one of our trusted legal partners).
  5. Have (or be willing to set up) a UK bank account in their name
  6. Be able to afford 12 monthly instalments of at least £102 following the payment of the citizenship fee to the Home Office
  7. Be able to set up a direct debit mandate for 12 payments over 12 months
  8. Have a National Insurance number

How do I get referred to apply for a payment plan?

The CPP will only be available to families whose citizenship applications have been supported by our trusted legal partners which include KIND UK & Just for Kids Law. You can refer yourself for KIND UK’s pro-bono legal support via their online form , or access Just for Law Kids legal advice service here . Once you have worked on your application(s) with one of their lawyers, you will be eligible to apply for a Citizenship Payment Plan with us. You will need to ask your lawyer to submit your name and email address to the CPP team who will then invite you to apply.

Why don’t you provide loans for parents/adults?

There are currently no ethical, affordable micro loans available in the UK for citizenship fees and we want to be the first. In order to do that, we are starting small; testing our Payment Plan with a handful of families that come through as referrals. We hope that this will allow us to learn, refine and grow our payment plan in order to make it accessible for a wider range of people.

How much can someone borrow at a time?

The amount will be determined by both the need and what the parent/guardian can afford to repay in 12, monthly instalments.

Payment plan amounts will be multiples of the Home Office Child citizenship fee which is £1214.
One child = £1214 to be repaid in 12 instalments of £102 per month
Two children = £2428 to be repaid in 12 instalments of £203 per month
Three children = £3642 to be repaid in 12 instalments of £304 per month

How can I apply?

Our legal partners will refer eligible applicants directly to us. Please speak to your lawyer to ask them to refer you. You can refer yourself for legal advice with KIND UK, via this online form, or access Just for Law Kids’ legal advice service here.

What can the payment plan be used for?

The payment plan is exclusively for the citizenship application of eligible children (under 18) and will be paid directly to the Home Office as part of the standard application submission process

How much time will the process take?

Completing our online application takes 20 minutes and you can ask for support throughout the process. Once you submit, you will receive an automated email confirming that we have received your application. You will hear whether you have been verified within 3 working days. We may need to check some details with you before verification. If your application is successful the payment can be made quickly and directly as part of the child’s online citizenship application process with the Home Office. From that point onwards the timeline (and decision) for being granted citizenship will be in the hands of the Home Office.

How are decisions made?

The CPP is committed to a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory decision-making process. We will assess every payment plan application on the merits of the application. Sometimes applications for a payment plan will not be successful. In these cases, the applicant will be informed of the decision and the reasons behind it. It is important that we only provide payment plans to those that will be able to make repayments in full in order for us to recycle the plan and offer it to another family.

How are you able to offer interest-free loans?

The Citizenship Payment Plan is a social investment scheme meaning we use repayable finance to achieve social impact. We are able to provide interest-free payment plans thanks to the grant funding we receive from some of our partners. By keeping the costs of running CPP low using an online lending platform, we hope to achieve significant social impact that fulfills our funder’s strategic objectives.

What happens if I miss a payment?

The payment plan is designed to be as low cost as possible with no fees or interest attached. We are only able to offer this on the basis that you ensure your monthly payment is available in your account to be collected by EdAid. Not doing so may have an impact on your child’s Home Office application.

100% of payment plans are recycled to be paid forward enabling more children to secure their citizenship.