Make education affordable.

Launch your Deferred
Tuition Program
with EdAid.

We’re on a mission to make education affordable. Join us. EdAid is an FCA authorized platform that partners with educators to drive student enrollment, increase retention, and diversify revenue, while lowering costs for students. We do this through Deferred Tuition.

Why Deferred Tuition Works

EdAid’s Deferred Tuition models align opportunity with outcomes.

We work with educators to move the needle on access and completion for their domestic and international students.

Grow Enrollment and Increase Yield

Improve Completion Rates

Drive Access and Diversity

Increase Profitability Per Cohort

For students, we’re the human face of education financing.

Monthly payments are automated and income-based so payments remain affordable. Students only pay when they are earning.

How Deferred Tuition Works

EdAid works with education leaders to create a program tailored to your strategic goals.

Our Team partners with you to determine the right model for your needs, and builds a custom interface on our tech platform. We manage student onboarding, income verification, and tuition payments with a human-centered approach. And our income-based financing models enable us to provide meaningful data on student outcomes over time.

We offer two models of Deferred Tuition:

Income Based Payments

Payments are set as a percentage of gross income (for example, 10%) with zero interest. Payments pause without penalty if income falls below a minimum income threshold.

Flexible Payment Plans

Payments are spread over an extended period (for example, over 24 months) with zero interest. Increase access by lowering upfront costs for students.


Who is behind EdAid?

We are a passionate, entrepreneurial team committed to making education financing fairer and more affordable. Our Head Office is in London, with further offices in Dubai, New York & Toronto.

What exactly does EdAid do?

We partner directly with schools to defer tuition payment until after students graduate and start earning. For educators, EdAid provides the legal, regulatory, and customer support to make deferred payments easy, from the time of origination until tuition has been fully paid. For students, we’re the human face of education financing.

How can EdAid help?

We’re making it easier to pay for education. EdAid enables students in the UK and US to access world-class education without having to pay the full tuition upfront.

EdAid works directly with education providers to facilitate deferred tuition payments. Universities select high-performing students who would benefit from flexible, affordable financing, and we take care of the rest, from identity checks to collecting payments.

For students, our support goes beyond a financing agreement. We’ve lived the challenge of paying for education, and we’re here to make repayment as painless as possible.

How does deferred tuition work?

Deferred tuition plans enable students to pay their tuition fees after graduating and when earning. During admission, schools select high-performing students who would benefit from flexible, affordable financing. Students go through verification and affordability checks during the EdAid enrollment process. Then, if selected tuition payments don’t start until after graduation.

During repayment, graduates pay their tuition fees via income-contingent payments, meaning a graduate only pays when they are earning. While repayment may be linked to inflation, there’s zero interest.

How did you come up with this idea?

Like millions of students, the EdAid team struggled to pay their tuition. They funded their way through university while working part-time jobs, and they took out student loans. They have built a fairer more affordable way to pay for education.

Can I use EdAid if I have not been pre-selected for funding by my school?

No, students may only enroll in a deferred payment plan once they have been selected by their school for financing. EdAid financing is a form of financial aid. Speak to your admissions teams for more information.

What happens if a student decides not to pay?

If a student cannot pay because they are not working or have a period of temporary hardship, then there are no penalties or fees. If a student who is eligible to pay refuses to do so, then EdAid will seek to recover the outstanding payments.

Where is EdAid based?

Our Head Office is in London at WeWork Mansion House. You are always welcome to pop in for coffee. We also have a teams in Dubai, New York & Toronto.

Our Values

This is the underlying narrative that differentiates EdAid from other organisations.


No nasty small print. Just simple, fair finance.


Collaboration with Education Providers & Employers.


Economic and social empowerment through education.

Backing the 99%

We have built EdAid to level the playing field for talented, ambitious students to access affordable higher education, & showcase their potential to future employers