Make education affordable & economic empowerment real.

What We Do

We are the mechanism through which parents, students & graduates unlock alternative sources of funding to pay for University


We use the power of community capital (friends, family, colleagues, employers and alumni) to provide the means for students to access higher education.


We connect talented students with exciting companies to provide access to the best intern, graduate and early career job opportunities.


A problem shared, is a problem halved. We save graduates £30,000 & 10 years of indebtedness by asking employers to make a small contribution each month.

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The Journey So Far...

Our Values

This is the underlying narrative that differentiates EdAid from other organisations


No nasty small print. Just simple, fair finance.


Collectively working to fix student finance.


Economic and social empowerment through education.

The Team

Tom Woolf - Founder & CEO

Former professional athlete & strategy consultant with Accenture. Head Coach Nike Middle East. 15 years building exceptional fintech & crowdfunding businesses across EMEA.

Anand Phanse - CFO

Seasoned business professional. 15+yrs experience in venture investing, investment banking & technology consulting. Multi-cultural, lived/worked in 4 countries.

Katia De Juan - Designer

Inquisitive and creative. Traveller and surfer at heart. Loves to get lost in nature, and to learn about everything related to design, linguistics and sociology.

Marco Muscat - Technical Lead

A full stack techie and data scientist, with 10 years of development experience. Likes to explore, get lost, bicycles, lego, and learning about everything.

Whalid Ghafar - Full Stack Developer

Full stack developer with 2 years experience and a masters in Computer Science. Has a deep desire for knowledge and is open to new challenges.

Jacquie Williamson - Head of Talent

An Aussie with 10+yrs in recruitment/HR in banking/fintech/startups. Loves being outdoors & working out what’s really going on in peoples heads.

Backing the 99%

We have built EdAid to level the playing field for talented, ambitious students to access affordable higher education, & showcase their potential to future employers